Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of goods supply

By accepting the terms and conditions you unconditionally accept

All the following clauses and the responsibility for the data provided by the customer


1- Working days of delivery
2- Currency . It will be the one chosen on the platform where the points of the wallet are used the exchange will be made at the time of the real payment of the asset
3-Granting Credit: theacceptance of the order is to be considered a sale to all effettito customers using the credit program *where an event of force majeure occurs * the order remains confirmed and to be paid even if the delivery slips.

4 Place Of Delivery: it is indicated by the customer under his own responsibility
Check the addresses you entered well
5 The price of the asset is the one displayed on the platform
6 The company reserves the right to accept the order or to refuse it and/or refund it

Since the availability on the platform is updated from time to time between acf all that the ordered goods could already be sold and not yet updated the availability on the platform. The where this happens will be our care to contact the customer and offer an alternative even with different costs,
We do everything to guarantee you the best service, but we do not guarantee the availability in stock of all the goods.

7 The acceptance of the order means that the change of terms by the company is also unconditionally accepted, which in this case will be updated.
8 In our platform all the characteristics of the product are described in a transparent manner, where in disagreement, the order and payment remain required for the customer who will contest with the certifying body, any disputes. The customer is required to pay all expenses related to order management and more.

8 Delivery :
8.1 Delivery costs are expressed on the platform, but may vary unless noticed
8.2 The company will delivery at the place indicated by the customer by courier or at a point
8.3 Delivery times are also important to us, we will do everything to deliver on time, but sometimes they may be influenced by force majeure events and/or inadequate delivery instructions
8.4 All deliveries are insured.
However, it remains the customer’s responsibility to make sure of the seals, breakages in case of doubt do not accept the package from the courier or if already accepted records the opening of the package with a camera.
8.5 We are not responsible for damaged shipments or promises made by couriers
Title and risk
1 The risk and ownership of the goods are the sole responsibility of the customer unless credit program is used in this case the ownership of the asset is subject to the payment of the same
Cancellations and returns
1 Orders may not be cancelled or withdrawn unless expressly established in writing by the company, but any costs incurred for the processing of the order remain the responsibility of the customer,


The return is not possible to make it unless agreed in writing prior to the order
Where it is carried out, the goods, certificates and packaging must be intact, and all shipping costs in / out will be charged and it is possible that an expense for practical management will also be applied
When you purchase a diamond certified by a body or third party we do not guarantee and do not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the certification and the report
The content of the certificate is not our opinion,
• We guarantee that the order is in conformity at the time of delivery,
• Where conformity is altered by the customer we no longer guarantee

Price and payment:

The price is agreed on the order and will confirm the type of customer
1- Standard customer advance payment or through the tools offered at the time of the order
2- Customer credit program, paymentas established by the program
3- The company may, upon notice, communicate an increase in the price due to external causes or computer errors
4- For late payment of credit program customers, extra practical management fees will be required
5- Prices are excluding vat and where direct shipping is chosen by one of our pather (dropshipping) all costs relating to customs duties etc will be borne by the customer
6- The starting prices of diamonds are expressed in dollars any exchange rate fluctuation with otherand currencies will be borne by the customer
7- We reserve the right to cancel any order until payment of the invoice and no stock availability is guaranteed until payment has taken place,some goods are sold by third parties and pending payment may be sold to others
8- Credit program payment terms and points wallet * read the document specifco

Limitation of liability .

We are not responsible for false statements